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We aim to provide excellent holistic education through our virtual learning products hence, cater for the key aspects of your child’s development while creating a healthy balance between online and offline time.

We aim to ensure that learners grasp and internalise the concepts learned. With a curriculum tailored to the specific needs and environment of our learners, facilitated by expert tutors, we guarantee the best online learning experience.

We aim to develop learners’ minds by imparting skills and knowledge in them while encouraging them to create, collaborate, critically think, be self-disciplined and self-driven.

Learners are exposed to a variety of academic activities through various features some of which include:

Interactive Online lessons
Our well-trained tutors have experience in facilitating interactive and enjoyable lessons that push the learners to participate and interact which is key to their understanding of concepts.

Our expert tutors have the capability of identifying our learners’ learning gaps and then ensure these gaps are dealt with through comprehensive revision exercises.

We understand the need for our learners to continuously progress in their class syllabus and therefore also cater to this under our learning products aimed to ready our learners for their next education level.

We believe learners understand concepts through pictures and videos. To this end, our team of experts prepare presentations with word video, pictorial and audio, music content to capture the learners’ attention and help them understand concepts in the best way possible.

We know that learners also learn best when they learn from each other. To this end, we create discussion forums that enable learners to discuss concepts for each other and challenge each other.

Learning does not stop when the tutor is in the class room. With our comprehensive work books, learners are challenged to be proactive, research and tackle questions given to them. 

To encourage blended learning, learners are also encouraged to apply what they have learned online to their day-to-day experiences through the project work given to them.

In order to assess the impact of our learners, we continuously assess our learners using topical quizzes and assessments. From these we are also able to identify our learners’ learning gaps and adequately handle them. 

We ensure that we give parents feedback about the learners’ progress and continuously communicate with and work together with our parents to identify and solve any learning gaps that could arise.