Welcome to GSVL 2022!


2022 is here  🎉🎉

We thank the Lord that you crossed over. We are excited for yet another year of awesomeness!

Ever since our inception, it has always been exciting at GS Virtual Learning to deliver unmatched online education services to our young. Our commitment is to continue providing uninterrupted learning services designed for the 21st century market. 

As promised, we have exciting packages specifically tailored for our young learners this year. We all know school is finally reopening. This means learners who might be a bit rusty with their knowledge, getting ready for national exams, would love to pick up a new skill or two, or even would love to continue studying from home should all have a way to do this!

We’ve got you covered! Subscribe now 🤏 to enjoy these packages:

  1. GSVL Revision Package
  2. GSVL Catchup Package
  3. GSVL After Schools Package (Life Skills)
  4. GSVL Homeschooling Package
  5. GSVL Infant Care Package

All you have to do is subscribe or renew your subscription to partake of our great services. You can also kindly follow the GS Virtual Learning social media platforms for updates and more information on the different packages we have in store for you.


Happy New Year!

🎊 🎊

GS Virtual Learning Team


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