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UGX 60,000

  • For learners aiming to get new skills in French
  • Our learners will receive world-recognized certifications after completion of the course


Why study French?

  1. Because French is an important diplomatic language i.e it’s one of the official languages of the UNO and the AU. Use of technology as  best practice
  2. Because it is an international Language. So if one speaks french, they can communicate without borders.
  3. French is so instrumental in career development and international travel


  • The online french classes shall be conducted virtually in everyone’s comfort.
  • The program has been put online to allow a  wide coverage. i.e. to cater for individuals who may not be able to come to school physically.
  • The lessons will be conducted in accordance with the international study standards.


There are 3 main levels of learning french:

  1. Beginner
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced

Evaluation and certification

Our work will be to teach and ensure that learners master the language. We shall have regular evaluation of our progress. For a certificate, one will have to sit for the international DELF examinations from the French ministry of Education.

The exams shall be conducted by Alliance française Kampala after which a certificate shall be given upon attainment of the required 50%.

Time Allocation

Each level will require 8 weeks totaling up to 32-33 contact hours. This hits the minimum requirement of 30 contact hours for each level.

Additional information

Course Time

12 Sessions


Beginners, Intermediary, Advanced