Terms of Reference for GS Virtual Learning (GSVL) Manuals and Policies development.


GS Virtual Learning, an information technology firm was established to spark innovation and promote best practices in the use of ICT in teaching and learning, and thereby catalyse significant improvement in access, quality and relevance of education for students 5-18 years old, and their teachers.

The vision of GSVL is to be the leading virtual learning provider in Africa. 

GSVL exists to provide cutting-edge technology to students and institutions that will transform teaching and learning in Africa.

GSVL has two strategic focus areas:

  • Virtual Learning Service
  • eLearning Support Services


The purpose of hiring the services of the consultancy firm or consultant is to develop operational manuals/procedures for Financial Management, Human Resource (HR) and other related Standard Procedures/ policies compatible to the needs of GSVL with the aim for improved operational efficiency and effectiveness contributing towards appropriate internal controls, transparency, and accountability to our stakeholders.


The overall objective of this consultancy is to provide need-based support in GSVL capacity building initiatives, specifically related to Human Resource, Financial Management, and other related Standard Procedures/policies with the key objective of increased operational efficiency.

Human Resource (HR) Manual: The overall objective is to develop a context-specific, compatible Human Resource Management (HRM) manual in line with international best practices, local laws and consolidate HR policies, procedures, and practices in a single document for ease of reference, as well as include user friendly HR related forms, templates and procedures, to meet the HRM needs of GSVL. The purpose is to enhance the HR system in the domain of recruitment, selection, and management of staff with systematic policies and procedures in place for an overall effective HR recruitment process including staffing level, HR file, setting a grading structure, hiring of staff with clear procedures to ensure that the necessary human resources and support systems are in place for rapid and effective recruitment. The consultant shall also provide templates/formats that are required for overall recruitment cycle and staff management encompassing staff requisitions, JDs, contracts, staff management, performance review and overall HR file.

Financial Management Manual: The overall objective is to develop a Financial Management manual to streamline the financial management function of GSVL, compatible with the financial portfolio of both small and medium-sized Organisations. Based on the identified gaps, the selected consultant(s) will analyse the accounting and financial management requirements of GSVL, develop and recommend an appropriate financial manual to ensure proper processing, accounting, management and reporting of Company funds and transactions with improved internal controls to ensure accountability to our stakeholders and donors. At a minimum, the Financial Management Manual must include consistent and uniform accounting policies, accounting of transactions with adequate controls, guidance on authority of delegation and segregation of duties, payment, cash and bank management, documentation requirements for payment and expenses, asset management, payroll process, security for cash management etc. In addition, provide user-friendly templates/formats relevant to financial management activities.

Procurement and Disposal Manual: The overall objective is to provide a consistent, fair, and transparent interpretation of logistics and procurement policies with improved internal controls and accountability, compatible with local laws and procurement and logistics-related needs of small and medium-sized organisations. At a minimum, the Procurement and Disposal manual must include policies and procedures for overall procurement cycle, procurement thresholds, acquisition of goods/services, storage management, transport management, basic assets management, record keeping with due consideration to humanitarian imperative in case of emergency situation. In addition, provide a procurement related template for the overall procurement cycle and as per the logistics needs of GSVL.


  • Develop a basic understanding of the concept, scope of work and required deliverables by submitting an inception report.
  • Based on the literature review/discussion, develop an outline of all the manuals or relevant selected manual(s) and share with GSVL for review. After incorporating the received feedback (if any), share the final approved version of the outline, specifying the contents and brief note/guidelines for each section within the manual.
  • Based on the approved outline, develop the manual/SOPs as agreed depending upon. GSVL will review the initial draft and share feedback (if any) after which the Consultant will share the final version.
  • Develop standard templates /forms/tools for each function as approved at inception, separately attached to each manual as an appendix in easy to use and editable form. Also provide brief guidelines on how and when to fill each section of the standard templates. GSVL will then review the draft, Consultant will incorporate feedback and share the final version of all the templates.


The consultant for the HR and Financial manuals is expected to set a realistic timeframe in the inception report but will finish the assignment in three months after commencement of the assignment.


Consultancy Firm/Institute/ Individual

  • Operational experience of consultancy services of at least five (5) years;
  • Previous proven work experience with recognised institution(s) in the same field as required by GSVL’s similar assignment; and
  • Human resource capacity of the consultancy firm with available/potential staff for the proposed assignments.

Staff with required credentials, knowledge, and skills separately for each required assignment (Financial Management, HR, Procurement and Disposal Management). The proposed human resource must also include a staff with strong communication/reporting, editing/proof-reading skills and include at least three referees where similar assignments relevant to GSVL have been done.

Note: GSVL reserves the right to verify the proposed staff credentials, experience and their availability to your organization.


Interested applicants are invited to send:

  • A short expression of interest (max 5 pages) clearly specifying understanding of the assignment, steps in the assignment, limitations, innovative suggestions as well as suitability and availability, and a detailed budget.
  • Portfolio or CV, indicating previous experiences in similar assignments and attach samples of previous consultancies and accomplishments.

Interested consultants, or organizations can submit their application to careers@gsvirtuallearning.com. Application deadline will be 13th January 2022. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted