What is GS Virtual Learning?

GS Virtual Learning is an information technology firm that was established to spark innovation and promote best practices in the use of ICT in teaching and learning and thereby catalyse significant improvement in access, quality and relevance of education for students 3 -18 years old, and their teachers. 

The main product of the company is demand-driven EdTech innovations that close the gap in access, quality, and relevance of education and learning outcomes.

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Which curriculum do you offer?

We follow the Uganda National Curriculum for pre-primary, primary and secondary.

Do you offer courses that cater to non-school going learners?

Yes. Our courses are demand driven, and designed according to the requirements of the learners

When do your courses start?

Courses start when a critical number of learners subscribe for a given course.

How do you do assessments?

Our assessments follow Bloom’s Taxonomy and are administered in a blended approach either online or physically.

How can I join GS Virtual Learning?

To join us, you can subscribe for any of our products by visiting the link gsvirtuallearning.com/shop. You can also subscribe to our newsletter.

Which products and services do you offer?

The main product of the company is demand-driven EdTech innovations. Our current offerings include:

  1. GSVL Revision Package
  2. GSVL Catch-up Package
  3. GSVL After Schools Package (Life Skills)
  4. GSVL Homeschooling Package (Includes infant care)

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Is GS Virtual Learning Limited an authentic company?

Yes, GS Virtual Learning Limited is an authentic and registered company.

Should anything go wrong in the program, who takes the liability?

We encourage parents together with their children to read and agree to the terms and conditions of the Remote Student Learning agreement within the registration form which has been shared.

Can a parent pay for more than one month?

Yes, a parent can pay for up to a year.

Is the price per child or per gadget used?

The price is per child and not the gadget used.

How big are the classes?

The main platform which will be used i.e. Google Classroom allows for the learners to have their own independent classes while having the same content their colleagues have.

How do I make payments for GS Virtual Learning Limited?

To make payments for GS Virtual Learning Limited, click the button below: