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When does the GS Virtual Learning Limited month begin and end?

The GS Virtual Learning Limited month begins on the 13th of the current month and ends on the 12th of the next month

Which teachers run the program?

The teachers from the Greenhill Schools run the program.

Based on which curriculum will the program be conducted and will new content be taught?

The program will be based on the National curriculum. No new content will be taught as the program will focus on the revision of the previously taught content.

How can one access the class timetable?

Once a parent has subscribed, they will be added to the Class WhatsApp group where a detailed timetable for their child’s class will be shared. This timetable will further be reviewed during the orientation program of the parents and learners.

Will the Nursery learners be required to be on the Screen for a long period of time?

No they will not, the timetables of each class have been carefully designed bearing in mind the children’s ages and health. The learners in the Nursery section will be provided will workbooks which will be assessed and will have online engagements once a week.

What happens if the classes are scheduled around the same time and I have limited gadgets?

The class timetables have been scheduled in a way that classes do not clash. Furthermore, the Google Classroom platform which will be used allows for a learner to access all their learning material at any time hence, a learner can review any material they could have missed.

What happens after I have made my payment?

After you have made a payment, one of the GS Virtual Learning Limited Coordinators will contact you after which you will be added to a class WhatsApp group where further communication on how the classes will run will be made.

Is GS Virtual Learning Limited an authentic company?

Yes, GS Virtual Learning Limited is an authentic and registered company.

Should anything go wrong in the program, who takes the liability?

We encourage parents together with their children to read and agree to the terms and conditions of the Remote Student Learning agreement within the registration form which has been shared.

Can a parent pay for more than one month?

Yes, a parent can pay for more than one month but not more than two months.

Is the price per child or per gadget used?

The price is per child and not the gadget used.

How big are the classes?

The main platform which will be used i.e. Google Classroom allows for the learners to have their own independent classes while having the same content their colleagues have.

How do I make payments for GS Virtual Learning Limited?

To make payments for GS Virtual Learning Limited, click the button below: