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 “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”.

           We understand that engaging learners in physical and creative outlets is important. 

We therefore, encourage our learners to engage in a range of after school activities that suit their circumstances, home resources and facilities. 

The After School activities we offer online include:

Visual Arts

Art is an important part of children’s education. Visual arts are particularly significant today because we live in an image-filled world. Through various media children develop their creativity and share their perceptions of their world. Art also allows children to express their feelings constructively which boosts their well-being. Through art making, children also develop their hand muscles and manual skills. 

Art supports many other areas of learning. For example, in early childhood, drawing from the imagination helps children to develop their ability to visualize which is an essential precursor to reading.

Art activities are based on various themes, including family, school, fashion and the learners’ personal world. Each age group progresses through four phases, starting with the Reception Stage, then the Junior Stage, Intermediate Stage and ending with the Champions’ Stage.

Modern Languages 

Being bi- or multilingual gives your child an edge in this multicultural environment. These language skills can boost your child’s future job prospects and help them widen their social and business circles. Appreciating other cultures through language learning exposes your child to different perspectives. This in turn enriches other areas of their life. The language lessons we offer are of the Kiswahili and French languages. 


Chess has long been favored by teachers and parents because it helps children to plan ahead, think strategically, stay focused and keep their attention on a specific goal. It is especially important for today’s children to have such constructive hobbies to occupy them after lessons.

Cooking Classes

We understand that cooking as an essential life skill which can help children to be healthy, improve their social lives and become more creative. Cooking is an excellent complimentary course to academic subjects as it helps children to understand mathematics, science and even art in a fun, practical manner. 

Public Speaking

Good public speaking skills help children to confidently present and promote their work and ideas, position themselves as leaders and inspire their audiences.


There are many benefits to children learning to play a musical instrument. For example, it helps improve memory and mental skills needed for science and mathematics.

By taking up violin lessons, your child will have a channel to express his or her feelings creativity. Frequent music practice can help your child to become more disciplined, patient and determined. Music is also a wonderful tool for religious devotion.